Positive Personal & Cultural Identity

Competency Illustrations



Students were using Art Costa’s ‘Habits of Mind’ to help them identify and use common language around expected behavior in their learning community. Of the 16 Habits of Mind, their classroom focused on Listening with Understanding and Empathy, Managing Impulsivity, and Persisting and Thinking Flexibly. This sample depicts a student describing what persistence means to him and how it has been a part of his life.

Profile Description Facets

I understand that my identity is made up of many interconnected aspects of my life such as experiences, family history, heritage, where I live, and groups I identify with (including family, friends, peers, and virtual communities).  I understand that what I value influences the choices I make, and how I present myself in various contexts. I understand that my characteristics, qualities, strengths and challenges make me unique, and are an important part of the communities (including people and places) of which I am a part.

Personal values and choices, Personal strengths and abilities