Educator Updates

January 2017 Educator Update: Graduation Years, Grades 10–12 (PDF, 3.0MB)

The Grade 10-12 update provides information on curriculum, assessment and the graduation program, including current status and next steps. A detailed QA section is also included.

Related documents: Graduation Assessments: Design Framework and Assessment Structure (PDF)

October 2016 Educator Update: Reporting Student Progress K-9 Guidelines (PDF, 4.5MB)

Questions about the revised Student Reporting Policy? The K-9 reporting update clarifies changes to the policy, provides information on how districts can use the policy, and includes a detailed Question and Answer section.

August 2016 Educator Update: K-9 Curriculum (PDF, 6.0MB)

The K-9 curriculum update offers educators information on the K-9 curriculum including course codes, links to aboriginal resources and instructional examples, an overview of the ministerial orders, and a detailed QA section.