Save Fred: Collaborative Problem-solving

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Students worked in groups on a problem-solving challenge called “Save Fred”. Fred’s boat has capsized, and he needs the students’ help to get his life preserver on, which is under the boat. The surface of their desks is the ocean, and the goal is to not let Fred fall into the ocean. The students are given paper clips, but these are the only tools they can use to help Fred. 


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Teacher Reflection

This was a great team building and problem-solving activity as the students collaboratively discussed and planned their rescue.

The students tended to discuss ideas first and then come up with a plan. They decided what role each team member plays and communicated a lot during the rescue mission.  At times, some students needed reminders not to “take over” the rescue and that the mission is a team effort. After the mission, the students reviewed their plan to see what ideas worked and what they would change in their plan.


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