Trees and Me

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Illustration Sub-competencies:


Students in a class each chose a tree seedling to adopt. During the year, they investigated their trees’ needs and growth. They reflected to compare their trees’  ‘identity’ with their own identity and asked the following questions:

  • How were they the same/different?
  • How could the tree be a metaphor for discussing our roots (past), our trunk (present identity) and our branching out (future identity)?
  • How are all of these learnings connected?
  • How am I changing?  How does the cross-section of a tree reflect its life and what might a cross-section of my life look like?

During the project, one student fell in love with trees. He dug a tree out of a lot that was slated for development and repotted it in order to save it. He slowly gathered and cared for fourteen trees from different areas and continued reflecting on their growth and his growth.


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