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Positive Personal & Cultural Identity

Competency Illustrations


I Am From the Leeson and Faithful Family

The teacher shared the model of an “I Am From” poem with students. Students wrote their own “I Am From” poems in their English class, and then worked in their Art class to create a mixed media self-portrait that reflected the imagery and information in their poems.

General information about “I Am From…” poems are available at


Profile Description Facets

I am able to identify different groups that I belong to; I am able to represent aspects of my cultural contexts (such as family, communities, school, peer groups) through words and/or images. I can describe what is important to me. I can describe and demonstrate pride in my positive qualities, characteristics and/or skills; I can explain how I am able to use these to contribute to my home and/or community.

Personal values and choices, Personal strengths and abilities, Relationships and cultural contexts