Literacy Assessment

Provincial Graduation Literacy Assessment (GLA)

About the GLA

The Graduation Literacy Assessments (GLA) will be introduced in the 2019/20 school year (all Language Arts 12 examinations will continue until that time, and then be phased out in the process).
The GLA is under development. It will include several aspects: an essential question, a common component section required by all students, a student-choice component, and a self-reflection component. There will also be pre-assessment activities to help students prepare. Further details are available in the Graduation Literacy Assessment Specifications.
The assessment will be delivered online and contain the following features:
  1. Essential question – To prime a student’s thinking for the assessment, they will be presented with an “essential question” to consider.  The rest of the assessment will connect back to this essential question.

  2. Common component – The common component includes readings and questions completed by all students. The texts will represent a variety of sources, from graphics and web pages to news articles and reports. Materials presented will connect to the essential question.

  3. Student-choice component – Students select from one of two pathways in which they deepen their thinking and analysis around the essential question.

  4. Self-reflection component – These questions ask the student to reflect on their experience with the assessment. The process of reflection becomes part of their learning. These questions do not form part of the student’s overall score. 

Pre-assessment Activities

Resources to help students prepare for the Graduation Literacy Assessment will be developed in advance of the first implementation in 2019/20, and then available year-round.

Sample GLA

An online sample GLA is under development. 

Additional Resources

More resources will be posted as they become available.