Application Process: Assessment Development Teams

The application process is currently closed.

The Ministry of Education is seeking educators to join the assessment development teams to support the redesign of provincial assessments - both the Foundation Skills Assessment and Graduation Assessments. If you are a B.C. educator with expertise in elementary or secondary assessment work, we invite you to apply. 

Work Requirements

The Ministry brings together engaged and experienced educators with knowledge in assessment practices at the elementary and secondary level, in both English and French to form assessment development teams. Assessment development team members work with ministry staff to create assessment questions and tasks according to the specifications of the provincial assessment designs. Development team members will be under contract with the Ministry. Successful applicants will be appointed as a member of a development team for a three-year period, with a possible extension for an additional three years to a maximum of six years.

There is an assessment development team for each of the following areas:

Foundation Skills Assessment

  • Reading & Writing, Grade 4 – English
  • Reading & Writing, Grade 7 – English
  • Reading & Writing, Grade 4 – Français Langue Première (Conseil scolaire francophone)
  • Reading & Writing, Grade 7 – Français Langue Première (Conseil scolaire francophone)
  • Numeracy, Grade 4
  • Numeracy, Grade 7

Graduation Assessments

  • Literacy – English
  • Literacy – Français Langue Première (Conseil scolaire francophone)
  • Literacy – Français Langue Seconde-Immersion
  • Numeracy

Each development team will have up to 6 members and will typically meet 4-5 times a year in Victoria, Richmond or Vancouver. Meetings are generally scheduled for 2-4 days for team members to collaborate. Team members also complete tasks individually as “homework” (e.g., writing first draft questions and searching for reading passages and other prompt material). 

Assessment team members also collaborate during the development process; it is imperative that team members attend all development meetings.

Assessment development team members will receive training on assessment-item writing and test specifications, as well as ongoing technical training and oversight.

Assessment development team members will be paid professional fees for their services, provided with teacher release time as needed and, compensated for additional services. They will also have their TOC cost and travel expenses covered, including flight or mileage, accommodation, and meal per diem according to government guidelines.

Selection criteria

It is required that development team members have the following:

  • Teaching experience in the identified grade levels and subject areas
  • Experience in large scale assessment, e.g., school, district or provincial assessment development and marking
  • A thorough familiarity with the redesigned curriculum areas for which they are selected
  • Excellent writing skills and the ability to write clear and concise assessment questions and tasks
  • The ability to work collaboratively in a team environment, meet deadlines, and be enthusiastic and committed to innovative approach to the redesigned provincial assessment
  • Experience using a variety of media formats
  • A comfort level using online tools to develop assessment questions and to meet via web conferencing tools such as Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate) and Skype, or a willingness to learn to use these tools on their own time with online guidance