Field Review will be open from June 2023 until January 2024. We will then work with the teacher development team to review the feedback and discuss any necessary changes to ensure materials meet the needs of teachers. We encourage teachers to use BC Learning Pathways in their planning, teaching, classroom assessment and reporting processes prior to sharing feedback.

The following are a few questions to consider and answer. Please respond to any or all of the questions listed below regarding your experiences in using BC Learning Pathways to plan, teach, assess, and report on learning in your classroom.

  1. How did BC Learning Pathways support your planning, teaching, and assessment within the redesigned curriculum?
  2. How did BC Learning Pathways help your students develop and practise cross-curricular literacy and numeracy skills?
  3. How did BC Learning Pathways support your assessment and communication of student learning in alignment with the new K-12 Student Reporting Policy?
  4. Would you use additional BC Learning Pathways resources that support the development of key reading, writing, and math skill (e.g., explicit early literacy learning supports focused on language features, structures, and conventions, word recognition, and phonemic and phonological awareness)? Why or why not?
  5. The current BC Learning Pathways materials provide definitions and examples of Proficient student learning in literacy and numeracy. Would BC Learning Pathways materials with definitions and examples of the other indicators on the Provincial Proficiency Scale (i.e., Emerging, Developing, and Extending) be helpful to support your planning, teaching, assessment, and reporting? 
  6. What additional feedback would you like to share regarding the BC Learning Pathways?  

Please email the BC Learning Pathways team at