Student Reporting Policy Pilot

In the 2018/19 school year, the Ministry launched a K-9 Student Reporting Policy Pilot, informed by research on effective practices and developed following extensive engagement with parents and educators. A DRAFT K-9 Student Reporting Policy was created to support new approaches to reporting, which included a move from event-style report cards to more timely and flexible communication with parents; a replacement of letter grades with a strength-based four-point provincial proficiency scale and descriptive feedback; and greater emphasis on student reflection and self-assessment of the Core Competencies to increase student engagement and ownership. The first pilot year included 15 formal participants who piloted all aspects of the DRAFT policy. Many other School Districts participated informally to try some elements included within the DRAFT policy.

The pilot continued in the 2019/20 school year to help inform the development of the new Student Reporting Policy that aligns with and supports the implementation of the redesigned curriculum. Formal pilot participation included thirteen School Districts and two independent schools, who continued to try all aspects of the DRAFT K-9 Student Reporting Policy (2019) as part of a comprehensive pilot evaluation. 

Aligned with the DRAFT K-9 Student Reporting Policy (2019), several documents were developed to support formal pilot sites with the local implementation of the reporting pilot. These documents may be helpful to school districts during the upcoming school year as they prepare to implement the new Student Reporting Policy in 2023.