Artistic Representation of Hotels

Illustration Elements

Illustration Éléments

Illustration Sub-competencies


A class participated in a focused study of architecture. After visiting the Vancouver Art Gallery’s “Grand Hotel” exhibit and exploring the central themes of that exhibit (e.g., public and private spaces, travel, and design), students were encouraged to respond to the subject of architecture in their own way. They utilized materials of their choice including found objects.


Student Work Sample


Teacher Reflection

This student questioned and investigated the concept of the hotel and determined that it had certain functions, simultaneously acting as a public space and private refuge. Her choice of materials and the development of her piece came from an interest in some of the conventions of the hotel (e.g., windows, inhabitants, intimate private moments). The shape and arrangement of the pieces of film reinforce, or at least suggest, architecture.

This student chose to work outside her comfort zone of drawing and illustration. She used found materials and translated them from one context to another and altered what they signified.


I can examine evidence from various perspectives to analyze and make well-supported judgments and interpretations about complex issues.

I can determine my own framework and criteria for tasks that involve critical thinking. I can compile evidence and draw reasoned conclusions. I consider perspectives that do not fit with my understandings. I am open-minded and patient, taking the time to explore, discover, and understand. I make choices that will help me create my intended impact on an audience or situation. I can place my work and that of others in a broader context. I can connect the results of my inquiries and analyses to action. I can articulate a keen awareness of my strengths, my aspirations and how my experiences and contexts affect my frameworks and criteria. I offer detailed analysis, using specific terminology, of my progress, work, and goals.