Balancing Homework, Hobbies, and Family Responsibilities

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In a conversation with his teacher, a student demonstrates that he values his education and that he makes positive choices regarding making time for homework, hobbies, and family responsibilities.


Student Interview

Teacher Reflection

The student prioritizes his homework and his extracurricular pursuit of cup stacking. Without being asked to schedule homework completion or cup stacking practice after school, he set aside time and completed both. He demonstrated awareness of his educational and extracurricular responsibilities, thus taking responsibility for his learning. He recognized his actions affect whether he would reach the goals he set which were to do well in both school and cup stacking. As he said, “If you practice you get better.”

While many students are driven to school, this student decided to begin walking to school, without a parent. He explained his goals for walking were to walk with his sister, who was in Kindergarten, and to arrive at school on time. He takes responsibility for his travel to and from school and follows through on his commitments.


I can initiate actions that bring me joy and satisfaction and recognize that I play a role in my well-being.

I can seek out experiences that make me feel happy, and proud. I can express my wants and needs and celebrate my efforts and accomplishments. I have some strategies that help me recognize and manage my feelings and emotions. I recognize and can explain my role in learning activities and explorations, and I can give some evidence of my learning. I can describe how some specific choices can affect my well-being and participate in activities that support my well-being.


I can make choices that help me meet my wants and needs and increase my feelings of well-being. I take responsibility for my actions.

I can take action toward meeting my own wants and needs and finding joy and satisfaction, and work towards a goal or solving a problem. I can use strategies that increase my feeling of well-being and help me manage my feelings and emotions. I can connect my actions with both positive and negative consequences and try to make adjustment; I accept feedback.  I make decisions about my activities and take some responsibility for my physical and emotional well-being