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A student decided that she would use the money that she would have spent on a graduation dress in a way that would benefit others. She decided that she would forgo a fancy dress and would wear a burlap sac to grad. Earlier in the year, the student’s class made a trip to Manila where the student visited an orphanage. She decided that she would try to raise money for the orphanage through her initiative of wearing a burlap sac to graduation.

The public learned about the modest student’s campaign and she was able to raise over $10,000. Following her graduation, the student returned to the orphanage in Manila and donated the funds to the orphanage.


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I can initiate positive, sustainable change for others and the environment

I build and sustain positive relationships with diverse people, including people from different generations.  I show empathy for others and adjust my behaviour to accommodate their needs. I advocate and take thoughtful actions to influence positive, sustainable change in my community and in the natural world. I can analyze complex social or environmental issues from multiple perspectives and understand how I am situated in types of privilege. I act to support diversity and defend human rights and can identify how diversity is beneficial for the communities I belong to.