Essay on the Movie "Gattaca"

Illustration Elements

Illustration Sub-competencies:


Students watched the science fiction film "Gattaca" after studying genetics. The film's title is based on the first letters of guanineadeninethymine, and cytosine, the four nucleobases of DNA. This student wrote an essay in response.


Teacher Reflection

He found the movie very interesting as it provided him with a different perspective on what he had learned in class. His essay describes how he felt the movie portrayed discrimination and prejudice in the futuristic society of Gattaca. He defended his analysis by using examples from the movie. He reported that he enjoyed writing this essay and that he did not find it hard to put his thoughts down on paper because he found the ideas in the movie interesting to comment on.

Student Work Sample


Profile Analysis

Critical and Reflective Thinking

I can gather and combine new evidence with what I already know to develop reasoned conclusions, judgments, or plans.

I can use what I know and observe to identify problems and ask questions. I explore and engage with materials and sources. I can develop or adapt criteria, check information, assess my thinking, and develop reasoned conclusions, judgments, or plans. I consider more than one way to proceed and make choices based on my reasoning and what I am trying to do. I can assess my own efforts and experiences and identify new goals. I give, receive, and act on constructive feedback.



I communicate clearly and purposefully, using a variety of forms appropriately

I share my ideas and try to connect them to others’ ideas. I am an active listener—I make connections and ask clarifying and extending questions when appropriate. I can plan ways to make my message clear and engaging for my audience and create communications that focus on a variety of purposes and audiences. I acquire the information I need for specific tasks and for my own interests and present it clearly.