Investigation Workbook in Visual Arts

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A student created an Investigation Workbook of artistic research, reflection, and original work. An Investigation Workbook is a collection of ideas, critiques, drawings, materials explorations, and reflections.


Student Work Sample

Teacher Reflection

The student’s engagement with visual arts is clear. He is creative, curious, and rigorous in his investigations. He questions and challenges social norms and responds through the creation of visual representations. Not only is he observing and recording, he is analyzing the work of others and synthesizing their methodologies into his own, generating his own work and reflecting upon it.




I can develop a body of creative work over time in an area of interest or passion.

I can get ideas that are ground-breaking or disruptive and can develop them to form a body of work over time that has an impact in my community or beyond. I challenge assumptions as a matter of course and have deliberate strategies (e.g., free writing or sketching, meditation, thinking in metaphors and analogies) for getting new ideas intuitively. I have a strong commitment to a personal aesthetic and values, and the inner motivation to persevere over years if necessary to develop my ideas.


I communicate confidently, using forms and strategies that show attention to my audience and purpose.

In discussions and conversations, I am focused and help to build and extend understanding. I am an engaged listener; I ask thought-provoking questions when appropriate and integrate new information. I can create a wide range of effective communications that feature powerful images and words, and I identify ways to change my communications to make them effective for different audiences. I use my understanding of the role and impact of story to engage my audiences in making meaning. I acquire information about complex and specialized topics from various sources, synthesize it, and present it with thoughtful analysis.