Making Submersibles

Illustration Elements

Illustration Sub-competencies:


A class was conducting an inquiry on what technology was needed to explore extreme environments such as the depths of the ocean. When one of the students made an interesting connection between the extreme environments of the deepest parts of the ocean and submarines, the teacher noticed a keen interest in the class, and presented a challenge to create submersibles via the classroom blog.

While many students formed teams for this project, some chose to work individually. The teacher also made a submersible and he posted his trials on his blog for each phase of construction. Through the blog, teams and parents were able to follow and facilitate discussion with each other. 

Students brought their submersible to the front of the class and demonstrated/explained:

  1. What did you learn about submarines?
  2. What was the greatest challenge you faced? Were you able to overcome this?


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Student Reflection

Profile Analysis

Critical and Reflective Thinking

I can gather and combine new evidence with what I already know to develop reasoned conclusions, judgments, or plans.

I can use what I know and observe to identify problems and ask questions. I explore and engage with materials and sources. I can develop or adapt criteria, check information, assess my thinking, and develop reasoned conclusions, judgments, or plans. I consider more than one way to proceed and make choices based on my reasoning and what I am trying to do. I can assess my own efforts and experiences and identify new goals. I give, receive, and act on constructive feedback.


I communicate clearly and purposefully, using a variety of forms appropriately.

I share my ideas and try to connect them to others’ ideas. I am an active listener—I make connections and ask clarifying and extending questions when appropriate. I can plan ways to make my message clear and engaging for my audience and create communications that focus on a variety of purposes and audiences. I acquire the information I need for specific tasks and for my own interests and present it clearly.