Mars Mission

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A class considered issues related to space travel. They engaged in several discussions, participated in a jigsaw activity, and completed a think-pair- share to explore a variety of issues. They then researched the Mars One project (a one-way trip to Mars in 2023) and selected the most important issues to consider for this project. The students decided that technological issues, health issues (physical and mental) and resource issues were the most important.

In groups, they completed an application to participate in the Mars One project. Their application could be presented in any format, including PowerPoint, essay, or video.


Sample Student Work

This is a PowerPoint presentation that included all relevant information, is thoughtfully prepared, but shows some gaps in understanding the importance of legibility in PowerPoint slides.


I have pride in who I am. I understand that I am a part of larger communities.

I can describe and demonstrate pride in my positive qualities, characteristics, and/or skills.  I can explain why I make specific choices. I am able to represent aspects of my cultural contexts (such as family, communities, school, peer groups) through words and/or images, and describe some ways that I participate in, or am connected to, a community.


I communicate confidently, using forms and strategies that show attention to my audience and purpose.           

In discussions and conversations, I am focused and help to build and extend understanding. I am an engaged listener; I ask thought-provoking questions when appropriate and integrate new information. I can create a wide range of communications that feature powerful images and words, and I identify ways to change my communications to make them effective for different audiences. I use my understanding of the role and impact of story to engage my audiences in making meaning. I acquire information about complex and specialized topics from various sources, synthesize it, and present it with thoughtful analysis.


I can gather and combine new evidence with what I already know to develop reasoned conclusions, judgments, or plans.

I can use what I know and observe to identify problems and ask questions. I explore and engage with materials and sources. I can develop or adapt criteria, check information, assess my thinking, and develop reasoned conclusions, judgments, or plans. I consider more than one way to proceed and make choices based on my reasoning and what I am trying to do. I can assess my own efforts and experiences and identify new goals. I give, receive, and act on constructive feedback.