Portfolio Review and Reflection

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Students had been working on a writing portfolio throughout the year. After reviewing their portfolios and reflecting on the writing they had done thus far, students set goals and created a plan for how these goals might be achieved.


Student Work Sample

Teacher Reflection

This student was able to identify an area of his writing that he was proud of and explain why it was a strength. He also identified an area needing improvement and identified actions he could take meet his writing goals. He was able to specify how his teacher could help him meet these goals.

He demonstrated personal awareness and responsibility by:

  • Recognizing his strengths
  • Valuing his work and abilities
  • Identifying what he needed need to achieve his goals
  • Asking for help
  • Planning for success



I recognize my value and advocate for my rights. I take responsibility for my choices, my actions, and my achievements.

I have valuable ideas to share. I am willing to explore controversial issues, and I can imagine and work toward change in myself and in the world. I can set priorities; implement, monitor, and adjust a plan; and assess the results. I take responsibility for my learning, seeking help as I need it. I use strategies for working toward a healthy and balanced lifestyle, for dealing with emotional challenges, and for finding peace in stressful times. I know how to find the social support I need.


I can examine evidence from various perspectives to analyze and make well-supported judgments about and interpretations of complex issues.

I can determine my own framework and criteria for tasks that involve critical thinking. I can compile evidence and draw reasoned conclusions. I consider perspectives that do not fit with my understandings. I am open-minded and patient, taking the time to explore, discover, and understand. I make choices that will help me create my intended impact on an audience or situation. I can place my work and that of others in a broader context. I can connect the results of my inquiries and analyses to action. I can articulate a keen awareness of my strengths, my aspirations and how my experiences and contexts affect my frameworks and criteria. I offer detailed analysis, using specific terminology, of my progress, work and goals.