Recording Observations with Loose Parts

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Students went on a ‘Seeking Spring’ walk in their local community forest. They looked for examples of spring as part of an investigation of seasonal changes. When they came back to the classroom, they used loose parts (open-ended materials) to record their observations.

The teacher observed that the student was very purposeful and thoughtful in his process of creating all the details that were important to him on the walk.


Student Work Sample


I can use evidence to make simple judgments.

I can ask questions, make predictions, and use my senses to gather information. I can explore with a purpose in mind and use what I learn. I can tell or show something about my thinking. I can contribute to and use simple criteria. I can find some evidence and make judgments. I can reflect on my work and experiences and tell something I learned.


In familiar settings, I communicate with peers and adults.

I talk and listen to people I know. I can communicate for a purpose.  I can understand and share basic information about topics that are important to me, and answer simple, direct questions about my activities and experiences