Response to "Chalk"

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Illustration Éléments

Illustration Sub-competencies


This lesson was based on the wordless picture book, “Chalk” by Bill Thomas. In the story, everything that the children draw with magic chalk comes to life including a gigantic dinosaur. After reading the story, each child was given a “magic” piece of chalk and asked, “What stories will come to life when your chalk meets black paper?” After drawing their stories, each child had a turn to orally explain what their magic chalk had created.


Sample Student Work

This student imagined that storybook heroes come to life and save her when she’s in trouble.

These are little heroes from a book. I wish they were real because then they could save me when I am in trouble!


I can get new ideas or build on or combine other people’s ideas to create new things within the constraints of a form, a problem, or materials.

I can get new ideas to create new things or solve straightforward problems. My ideas are fun, entertaining, or useful to me and my peers, and I have a sense of accomplishment. I can use my imagination to get new ideas of my own, or build on other’s ideas, or combine other people’s ideas in new ways. I can usually make my ideas work within the constraints of a given form, problem, or materials if I keep playing with them.