Showing Love

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Students were learning about emotions and the importance of well-being in both their heart and mind. During free time, a student decided to make a heart for the “Kindness Jar” to make everyone feel good inside. She was very focused and chose not to participate in the other centres even when other students asked her to play. She was very proud of her work and she wanted to show everyone that she knew that hearts represented love.

When she was finished, she said, “Look! Take a picture of me!”


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I can show a sense of accomplishment and joy, and express some wants, needs, and preferences. I can sometimes recognize my emotions.


I can initiate actions that bring me joy and satisfaction and recognize that I play a role in my well-being.

I can seek out experiences that make me feel happy, and proud. I can express my wants and needs and celebrate my efforts and accomplishments. I have some strategies that help me recognize and manage my feelings and emotions.  I recognize and can explain my role in learning activities and explorations, and I can give some evidence of my learning. I can describe how some specific choices can affect my well-being and participate in activities that support my well-being.