Spoken Word Poetry

Illustration Elements

Illustration Sub-competencies:


At the end of a poetry unit, students were asked to write and perform a spoken word poem. Afterwards, they were asked to reflect on their creative process.


This student chose ‘loyalty’ as a topic for his poem because he thinks it is an important virtue. He then made deliberate creative choices that he felt enhanced the ideas.

Student Work Sample

Student Reflection


Profile Analysis

Creative Thinking

I can get new ideas or reinterpret others' ideas in novel ways.

I get ideas that are new to my peers. My creative ideas are often a form of self-expression for me. I have deliberate strategies for quieting my conscious mind (e.g., walking away for a while, doing something relaxing, being deliberately playful), so that I can be more creative. I use my experiences with various steps and attempts to direct my future work.


I communicate confidently, using forms and strategies that show attention to my audience and purpose.

In discussions and conversations, I am focused and help to build and extend understanding. I am an engaged listener; I ask thought-provoking questions when appropriate and integrate new information. I can create a wide range of communications that feature powerful images and words, and I identify ways to change my communications to be effective for different audiences. I use my understanding of the role and impact of story to engage my audiences in making meaning. I acquire information about complex and specialized topics from various sources, synthesize it, and present it with thoughtful analysis.