Student Responds to Being Denied a Job

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A student in an alternate school interviewed for a job with a pizza chain but was not offered the position. She had the courage and determination to call the manager and ask what she could do better in future job interviews. The manager told her that she interviewed very well but that they would never hire anyone from an alternate school.

She responded by making a video about her experiences and her teacher forwarded it to school administration.


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I can identify my strengths and limits, find internal motivation, and act on opportunities for self-growth. I take responsibility for making ethical decisions.

I am aware of my personal journey and reflect on my experiences as a way of enhancing my well-being and dealing with challenges. I can advocate for myself in stressful situations. I can take the initiative to inform myself about controversial issues and take ethical positions. I take ownership of my goals, learning, and behavior. I act on what is best, over time, in terms of my goals and aspirations. I recognize the implications of my choices and consult with others who may be affected by my decisions. I can identify my potential as a leader in the communities I belong to. I sustain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.