Social Responsibility

Social responsibility involves the ability and disposition to consider the interdependence of people with each other and the natural environment; to contribute positively to one’s family, community, society, and the environment; to resolve problems peacefully; to empathize with others and appreciate their perspectives; and to create and maintain healthy relationships. The Social Responsibility Competency Profiles have been developed by BC teachers based on students’ work. The social responsibility competency review draft consists of two elements:

Social Responsibility Competency Profiles (PDF)

present an overview and the set of profiles. The overview provides background about the social responsibility competency and includes a description of its facets. The set of profiles are descriptions of students as they progress to sophisticated stages of competency. The profiles are written from the student’s point of view, reflecting student ownership and responsibility for demonstrating the competencies.

Download the Social Responsibility Competency Profiles in English or French

Social Responsibility Competency Illustrations
The illustrations offer examples of ways in which students from diverse backgrounds and communities can demonstrate the social responsibility competency.