Instructional Samples

These instructional samples show how teachers from across the province have interpreted the redesigned BC Curriculum to plan learning experiences for their students.

The committee that selected these materials recognizes that each district, school, and classroom has its own unique characteristics that should be considered in planning.

Each sample identifies clear connections to the Big Ideas, Learning Standards, and Core Competencies. First Peoples Principles of Learning and content are included in some samples.

Many of the samples make cross-curricular connections, offer choice for students and teachers, explore multiple entry points and adaptations, provide assessment ideas, and include samples of student work. Some also show how teachers have made explicit connections to the curriculum through cycles of thinking, planning, and reflection.

The quantity of 5 is an essential benchmark number for young students, and a strong understanding of 5 will contribute to their understanding of 10, another significant benchmark number in our number system. As the complexity of number increases, the importance of understanding the decomposition of 10 in higher-level operations becomes evident. 
Grade Level(s): 
Grade 1