A Joyful Dance

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Before class, a child shared his special dance with the teacher. A few days later, on his birthday, he shared his dance with all the children and adults. They celebrated with him by singing “Happy Birthday” and eating birthday cake.


Learning Story

The student came into the room and walked up to me and said, “Hi!”. His feet started to tap a little while he crossed his arms in front then back of his body. He did that move several times while I smiled and kept my eyes wide open. 

He then changed his arm movement to his sides. First swinging them to his right, then to his left. He skipped a few times after while rolling his hands in front of his body. He continued to have a smile on his face while he danced. When he was done, I clapped and gave him a high five.

A few days later, on his birthday, he came in, as usual with a smile on his face. I greeted him and asked if he was happy. He nodded, gave me a big grin and said, “It’s my birthday you know?”

I replied, “Wow, It is a special day indeed. What are we going to do?” He gave another big smile and said, “Pizza and cake.” He moved on and played in different areas.

Later, I asked the student to come to the front so we could sing to him. He came up with his Mom. She asked if he could show his dance. Without hesitation, he stood in front of everyone and posed waiting for mom to play the music. Music started and he started to move his body! He looked very happy and his coordination and moves were swift. He danced to the beat and had memorized the cherography. He didn’t look afraid or shy in front of the over 40 children and adults in the room. He was fully engaged in his moves and showed nothing but enjoyment on his face! He didn’t seem to mind other children dancing alongside. He continued to dance for a few minutes but some children started to get restless and we had to slowly turn down the volume to signal a stop to his “performance”. He didn’t seem to mind that. Everyone clapped and cheered after he finished dancing.

We were finally ready for our special snack. We all sang “Happy Birthday” to the student. He looked proud standing by the table where the cake was. He blew the candles and his mom took his picture. He sat down quietly then waiting for his share of the food. Everyone said thank you to him. He looked delighted at the end of the class. “Did you have a good time?” I asked. He gave his usual big grin, “Yup! I am 4!”

Activity Photo

Activity Photo


I  can show a sense of accomplishment and joy, and express some wants, needs, and preferences. I can sometimes recognize my emotions.


I can initiate actions that bring me joy and satisfaction and recognize that I play a role in my well-being.

I can seek out experiences that make me feel happy, and proud. I can express my wants and needs and celebrate my efforts and accomplishments. I have some strategies that help me recognize and manage my feelings and emotions. I recognize and can explain my role in learning activities and explorations, and I can give some evidence of my learning. I can describe how some specific choices can affect my well-being and participate in activities that support my well-being.