Français langue première


The voice carries, and words carry us away.

Polysemous by nature, language draws its richness from words and expressions that have multiple, co-constructed meanings. Language inevitably varies according to the context.

By playing with and exploring language, students learn to grasp meanings and read between the lines. By understanding the specific features of a wide range of texts, they develop their own style. They learn to grasp both form and content through the works of authors and poets, as well as blogs and images.

Culture nourishes students’ identities, inviting them to travel through ideas and concepts that broaden their horizons. Art and literature transcend meaning and further students’ thinking, as well as making it possible to navigate through time and space. Collective memory shapes students’ Francophone identity as well as their multiple identities, and tells them where they are from and where they are going.

Informed and educated students become aware and engaged citizens who have a positive influence on society.


The Français langue première curriculum aims to ensure that students are able to:

  • develop advanced literacy skills
  • communicate effectively and clearly, both orally and in writing
  • use a metacognitive approach that will improve their strategies and practices
  • broaden their horizons by taking an analytical look at the world through the study of Francophone and First Peoples texts
  • assert their cultural identity as Francophone students in a minority context
  • acquire specific knowledge in the field of literature and an awareness of Francophone world literature
  • develop their imagination and creativity by exploring a wide variety of texts from different contexts and cultures