Community Outreach

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As part of a community outreach, teachers contacted community organizations to identify ways that students could be involved in supporting local needs. They identified four organizations that expressed an interest in making connections with students and invited their contributions: a seniors’ residence, a homeless shelter, a women’s centre, and a centre that provided toys for children in the community. Students visited the organizations and then, along with their families, collected and delivered the items requested by each organization.


Activity Photo

Grade 4 class donated toiletries and collected gently used handbags for homeless women.

Teacher and Student Reflections

All students participated, and teachers noticed a strong sense of pride in contributing. In reflecting on the activity, student comments included:

  • It gave us a chance to help others.  
  • I felt happy participating in this project because I was helping other people.
  • It made me feel happy and proud that we could do that for them.
  • It made me realize how lucky I was in my life.        
  • I felt joyful and happy doing this because I was making a difference

Profile Analysis

Conscience et responsabilité sociales