Designing Animal Habitats

Illustration Elements


The class was learning about habitats and what animals need to survive. Students were encouraged to work with a partner to create a habitat for an animal of the Pacific Northwest using loose parts found in the classroom. Their habitats needed to include the features necessary for the animal’s survival (e.g., food, water, shelter, space). FR


Student Work

Photo of student work

Teacher Reflection

I observed:

  • Students being patient and taking turns.
  • Students thoughtfully contributing to the project.
  • Students changing their minds and explaining why.
  • Students helping one another.
  • Students being flexible and compromising.
  • A few students finding it difficult to compromise with their partner.

I heard things like:

  • Do you want to make a habitat for a rabbit?
  • Let’s use blue gems for the water.
  • What can we use for carrots?
  • Can you help me hold this?
  • I like the flowers on the tree.
  • It’s ok.  We can fix it.
  • I think it would work better with a cardboard tube.
  • Where should we put the rabbit?

Profile Analysis



Pensée critique et réflexive