Phobia versus Fear


The Teacher’s Voice

Students in my classroom are often asked to consider social issues, particularly with reference to valuing diversity. This lesson was designed to prompt students to question what they hear, read and view, and to consider ways to overcome phobias, including homophobia, transphobia and biphobia.

Students investigated a specific phobia (e.g., arachnophobia; ophiophobia), researched physical and emotional reactions, and created a caricature. After sharing their representations of phobias, they discussed and reflected on reactions to SOGI. They considered:

  • Key understandings they developed
  • What they would like others to understand
  • How their learning connected to Social Awareness and Responsibility

A detailed lesson plan, Inquiry Lesson: Exploring Phobias, is available at the website below as part of a collection of SOGI resources.


Student Work Sample

Student Reflection


Profile Analysis

Pensée critique et réflexive

Conscience et responsabilité sociales

Conscience et responsabilité sociales