Designing a Logo for Universal Washrooms


The Teacher’s Voice

Students in my classroom are often asked to consider social issues, particularly with reference to valuing diversity. This lesson was developed to prompt students to understand that design can be responsive to identified needs, in this case, the need for access to universal washrooms.

To design logos for a universal washroom, students:

  • Analyzed design features for logos
  • Developed understanding about Universal Washrooms
  • Considered who needs access to Universal Washrooms
  • Worked in design teams to create a logo for a universal washroom
  • Shared their designs; offered and received feedback
  • Pitched their design to the class

A detailed lesson plan can be found at the following website as part of a collection of SOGI resources.


Student Work Samples

Students recorded the iterations of their design process:

Students then presented their final logo design:

Student Reflection

Profile Analysis

Pensée critique et réflexive

Pensée créatrice

Conscience et responsabilité sociales